The best way to get to know her is with an Audrey Hollander interview and that is exactly what we have for you here today!

It’s been almost a year since anyone has heard anything from the red-headed porn sensation that is Audrey Hollander.   She has an official Twitter (@RealAudreyXXX).  So what in the world has she been up to lately? (Interview from February 2012)  Below this interview (at the very bottom of this page) is another interview she did years ago. But first, you can read my latest interview with her below.

My Exclusive Audrey Hollander Interview

So Audrey thanks for taking the time to talk to us.  Now that you are officially retired from porn, what in the world have you been up to lately?  Nobody seems to have heard anything from you in a long time.

AUDREY:  I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.  Just enjoying my quiet life.

It’s hard to believe that one of the most prolific performers in adult entertainment who alone has 30 AVN nominations is enjoying a quiet life.  Nothing even the slightest bit naughty going on?

AUDREY:  30 nominations? Really?  I had no idea.  I probably wouldn’t have guessed even half of that.  But ya, I really am just a normal girl.  I enjoy things that most other women like to do. I love to hang out at the pool, watch my favorite prime-time TV shows and read a good book.  But there might be one tiny difference.  Most normal girls probably don’t have an entire bedroom dedicated to different sex toys. 🙂

A good southern girl with a crazy amount of dildos. I love it!  So are you still living in LA?

AUDREY:  No.  I never really lived in LA.  I would come down a few times a year for work but I’ve lived in Texas for the last 10 years or so.  Otto and I had a house near Lake Houston.  But I moved back home to Kentucky after Otto and I got a divorce.  I wanted to be closer to my family.

I’m sorry to hear about your breakup.  Is there anything you care to share with us about it?  I know you and Otto where together a long time.

AUDREY:  No, I don’t really want to talk about my breakup with Otto. I  prefer to focus more on the positive.  I don’t like “dishing dirt”.  It’s really just not my way.

I completely understand and respect that.  So let’s talk more about you and your career.  Have you thought about performing again?

AUDREY:  I did at first.  I gave it a lot of thought.  I talked to some friends in the industry about it and after my divorce was final I was just a bit away from booking a flight to LA for a few weeks to make some extra money.  But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that wasn’t really a life I wanted for myself anymore.  I don’t have anything against porn.  I don’t regret anything I have ever done either.  I loved the entire experience, every second of it.  I was just in a place where I was changing and wanted to try to do something new with my life.  It’s hard to explain but when you go through a divorce after being married for so long, it really just changes you.

Have you done anything absolutely crazy lately?

AUDREY:  Depends on what you mean by crazy.  I’ve really lived a pretty quiet and boring life this past year.  I did cut my hair and dye it a darker color.  Does that count?

I think I saw that picture you tweeted.  You look great with darker hair.  Very different from how I’m used to seeing you, but I still love it!


If the perfect script came along would you do it?

AUDREY:  I would probably consider it.  It really just depends on what the project is and of course how much it pays.  I’m not against doing porn.  I loved every second of what I did during my career.  In fact, I talked to one company about going under contract with them not to long ago but that fell through.   They were going through some changes in their company so the timing just wasn’t right.  I love porn.  I love my fans.  So yes if the right deal came my way I would probably jump on it.

Anything specific you would like to do?

AUDREY:  I’ve done the extreme hardcore stuff for most of my career.  I can’t think of many movies where I didn’t do anal or double vag.  I would love to do a movie that wasn’t so out there. I would love a movie where I could try more acting.  I studied acting and I like it a lot.  I would love to be a part of a high budget, erotic thriller.  I think that would be fun.

Do you get recognized by fans when you are out in public?

AUDREY:  I didn’t so much when I was living in Texas but this last year being back home in Kentucky I have gotten in more and more.  It’s kinda funny when it happens.  Most times people just sort of stare and don’t say much but everyone once in awhile someone will be like “I know you, right?  Are you ….”.   It’s like they don’t want to come out and go OMG IT’S AUDREY HOLLANDER!  It’s like if they aren’t sure if they should come right out and say they recognize me.

I know you were in the Twilight sex parody.  You were great.  They couldn’t have cast that role better.  Did you read the Twilight trilogy?

AUDREY:  Yes.  I read all the Twilight books and watched the first movie about 5, 6 or maybe 7 times to prepare for my role.  I didn’t really do a lot of movies during the last few years of my career but the ones I did do, I took very serious and wanted to get the part down in the way it should be. I took my job very serious.

Otto taught me what it meant to be a professional.  Anyone can just show up and have sex on camera but to be good at what you do meant being prepared.  Not only do you know your own lines but the entire concept and story of what the movie is about long before you ever show up on set.  In addition always show up prepared with your own makeup case, a few extra consume and shoe choices just in case and a selection of sex toys doesn’t hurt either.  Most of the times these things are provided for you on set but you just never know when something will happen.  That is were the real pros shine.  They have what they need.  No need for long delays on the set while costume problems are addressed.

Have you heard about the new trilogy they are calling the next Twilight, The Hunger Games?

AUDREY:  Yes!  I just finished reading the Hunter Games series.  It’s nothing like Twilight at all.  Very good story though.  I wasn’t a big fan of the first book but the 2nd and 3rd books were great.  The story really picked up at the end.  It’s not a story that is meant to be read alone.  You really need to commit to reading all three of the books together to truly enjoy the whole story.

If they were going to make a pornographic parody, who would you see yourself as?

AUDREY:  They make porno parodies for pretty much every movie so no doubt they will make one or two about The Hunger Games as well.  As far as the character, I usually like the more unusual roles.  I think I would make a great Effie Trinket.  My sex scene would probably be with Haymitch Abernathy.  I would take him on the train on our way back to the Capital and fuck that drunk ass boy into sobriety.

Of the current crop of stars, who do you think would make a good Katniss Everdeen?

AUDREY:  I don’t really know a lot of the girls in the business right now.  I do think that the girl playing her in the movie version, Jennifer Lawrence looks a little like Jenna Haze.  ** This photo of Audrey Hollander was actually from a movie she did a few years ago called Catherine.

You know you are right, she does look a little like Jenna Haze.  Surely perfect for a porno adaption of the movie.

It’s always so great talking with you, Audrey.  You are so full of personality and life.   You really do have such a great, bubbly personality.  It’s hard to imagine the queen of extreme is so upbeat and personable. I don’t know why it just seems like when we talk you are more like a cheerleader. 

I love that about you.  It’s always such a joy to speak to you and I hope we can do it again soon.  Maybe I can ask some of your fans to submit some questions and we can sit down sometime in the future and do this again?

AUDREY:  That sounds fine to me.  I look forward to speaking with you again soon and answering any questions that my fans have for me.

** At the time this Audrey Hollander interview was done it was unknown that Jenna Haze would retire just a month or so later.  Maybe when we chat with her again in the future we can ask her an updated version of the question now that we know Jenna Haze is no longer performing on camera.

Another Audrey Hollander Interview

Many years ago Audrey Hollander did an interview with Cindi Loftus from Xcitement Magazine. Although I’m not sure on the date, I do know it was done sometime before 2008 but possibly as far back as 2006.

Xcitement: Hi Audrey! It’s nice to talk to you. I usually talk to Otto on e-mail.

Audrey: He represents me.

X: So he does most of the scheduling. And you get to have a cock up your ass. That’s fair I guess. (Laughs)

A: Well he has his tough stuff. Maybe not taking a cock up the ass, but some things he does can be difficult too. But our situation works out well.

X: You guys make such a great looking couple.

A: Thank you.

X: Why do you think everyone thinks you are both foreigners?

A: I think it’s probably because of our names, Hollander and Bauer. It sounds European.

X: Otto, sounds like he is from Germany.

A: He does have a lot of family from Germany and that’s also his Grandfather’s name.

X: So no one would ever think that you were born and raised in Kentucky. Where is your Kentucky accent?

A: I worked really hard to get rid of it. When I met Otto, he moved me to New York City and I was a little country bumpkin. People there found it very endearing, but I felt I sounded like the stereotypical dumb southern girl. So I try very hard to pronounce all the letters and speak well.

X: You don’t have any accent at all.

A: With as much traveling as we have done, I think I have lost it all, unless I am tired or I have a glass of wine or two, then it starts to come back out. Also if I had a southern accent I don’t think I would get as many dialog roles as I have. If I go back to Kentucky and get around my family it comes back too.

X: When you were in high school, what did you think you were going to be?

A: A teacher. I went to college for elementary education.

X: So you are smart and gorgeous. How did you end up in porn?

A: Well I met my lovely other half, we were engaged right away. He asked me to marry him the night we met.…

X: Wait. I have to hear this whole story. How did you meet?

A: We were both on holiday in Miami Beach. I was having dinner with some friends on Ocean Blvd and he walked by and we caught each other’s eye. He came in and sat at a table with his friend. Then I waved him over because he was staring and I was staring too, we might as well talk. And later that evening, in the early morning hours, he proposed to me on the beach.

X: Well this is going to be perfect for my book. I can’t wait to hear all the details when we do THAT interview. (Audrey & Otto were sweet enough to consent to being in my book in progress, Real Life XXX Love Stories). So you guys have now been together for quite a few years now. How did you end up in porn together?

A: We didn’t do porn right away. I didn’t find out until about six or eight months into our relationship that Otto had already done porn before I met him. When I found out, it didn’t bother me at all. I think that someone with an interesting past leads to someone with an interesting future. So I said to him, well you tried it, I’d like to try it too. We tried it together and it just fit. We are both very highly sexual people and we don’t mind seeing the other one with someone else. Which is usually the hardest hurdle to get over as a couple, I think.

X: Yes it is. If you guys feel so secure with each other that you aren’t jealous than that’s a great relationship to have.

A: We both have tremendous amounts of respect and trust for one another, and it’s good money and we get to travel. We get a great deal of romance out of it. We go somewhere for work, but we get to go and travel when work is done. So if we are traveling in Europe, it’s nice, for both work and fun.

X: I’ve seen a lot of pictures of you two together and you can tell you are in love and having fun.

A: We do and we are. Thank you.

X: You are so mushy, I love it! You must have a great sex life too.

A: We have sex at least two or three times a day. It depends on if we are working or not.

X: When was the first time you ever had anal sex?

A: With Otto, about…

X: Two hours after you met him?

A: No. Oh my God no. I was scared of anal sex. The first time he said let’s try sticking it up your ass, I was like WHAT? I said ok because I am a pleaser, but when he did, I felt like I had to go to the bathroom.

X: I don’t have a ton of experience in that area, but yeah, that’s what it feels like. I can’t say that I like it.

A: It feels that way for six to eight months of doing it on a regular basis. And if you can get through that time commitment of having sex up your ass you will have an incredible orgasm. Because that bathroom feeling goes away.

X: Well you sure did come a long way from trying anal, didn’t you?

A: Yes.

X: So what are you two working on right now?

A: Otto is working on some feature films with Daring Media right now. We just did a movie called The Program. I got to be a blonde in it. I did something that I don’t do too much of. I did an interracial scene. It will be out soon after this article comes out.

X: I know you have your own company now, Supercore. I love your Supercore box covers. They really are beautiful. And the sex is super hardcore.

A: I guess I take things to the extreme in my life. I don’t quite know how it ended up that way. I guess the industry drives what kind of sex they want to see. My abilities allow me to do it. So it works out great. I don’t do anything that hurts me. I know it might look like it hurts sometimes, but I practice and train like an athlete.

X: Are you guys swingers?

A: We were before we got into the industry. I was going to school and I would bring him home little treats (girls). But now that we are in the industry we don’t really swing much anymore. We like to be responsible for our co-workers and make sure we are only with people that are tested. You are already having sex with so many partners, that it wouldn’t happen often. If the right situation presents itself, we would use protection.

X: So a fan could get lucky.

A: Yes.

X: Male, or female?

A: Oh yeah!

X: Like at a convention if someone catches your eye.

A: Yes.

X: Are you submissive in real life?

A: Yes I am. But I am definitely able to switch depending on the partner. Especially with girls, if they are not more dominant in their personality I just take over. But with men, I am the submissive unless they tell me that they like it when a girl takes control. I like doing it both ways. Naturally, I am more of a submissive.

X: It’s funny because you aren’t shy or demure with your answers, and usually if I interview submissive people they are more subdued when they talk to me.

A: I think it depends on the personality of other people. With Otto I am always completely submissive because that is our relationship. With others, men and women, it just depends on how they are with me. I have an, I don’t want to say overbearing, but outgoing personality and attitude. So if someone is shy especially when it comes to sex, I am completely comfortable taking over.

X: You would never want to tie Otto up and have your way with him?

A: I’d do it, but I don’t think he would let me.

X: You’ll have to double-team him or triple-team him with other girls and he won’t have a choice.

A: Right. A reverse gangbang.

X: Well I did my research on you today, and I found a lot of pictures of you tied up and bent over, and spanked. I even wrote to one of the sites you were on and told them I wanted to review them because of the hot stuff of you they had on your website. (

A: Oh good. I think the fetish shoots are a lot of fun because you aren’t restricted to limits like you are in some porn. It’s a challenge to see how far you can go. I’ve never done anything that wasn’t completely agreed upon. The fetish shoots are interesting because you have all kinds of gizmos and gadgets you can play with; whips and different things to mark you up.

X: What is the craziest thing you have ever done on a fetish or BDSM shoot?

A: Wow, oh my goodness. This one time I was tied up in the chair and they had a metal thing and they started putting it inside me and I thought it was a metal dildo but then it started shocking me. It was like a cattle prod inside of you. That felt really strange. It wasn’t that it was hurting me, but it felt weird.

X: And you were tied up when they did that?

A: Yep.

X: That’s HOT! You have done many extreme acts that I have read about. I never heard of anyone else doing a triple anal.

A: (Laughs) Let’s see how much you can cram in there right?

X: Did you look for three guys with small dicks that would co-operate?

A: I think it is almost impossible to do it with three guys. When I did the triple anal it was with two guys and a dildo.

X: Yeah, you are right. How would you possibly have three guys in a position where that is possible?

A: Doing triple anal with toys is harder to do then double anal with two huge dicks because a dick has give and they can mush together.

X: I would guess the guys have to be pretty good friends too.

A: Well as long as the guy can go to his own space in his head. I’ve found that’s what enables them to do that. Because a lot of guys can’t do that.

X: Yeah, they would get homophobic. Like, oh my God my dick is rubbing on another guy’s dick, I can’t do it.

A: Right. Right.

X: The one scene that I saw of you that I thought was the hottest, and actually it was probably the first scene I watched you in was JM’s The Violation of Audrey Hollander. I bet you hear about that scene all the time. But it was such a turn on, for me anyway.

A: Thank you. Yes, I do hear about that scene a lot. That was what I got my first AVN award for was that scene, and I got an XRCO award for that scene.

X: That’s how I ended up watching that scene. I am an AVN voter and they send me all the nominated movies. I was sitting on my couch in the living room watching that scene on my widescreen TV. I even told Jeff (Head of JM) about it when I saw him at the convention before the awards were announced. That was the first time I ever sat in my living room in broad daylight and masturbated while I watched a scene. I think Jeff was shocked when I told him that.

A: Well thank you very much. I am glad it turned you on. I was really lucky because I got a group of great girls. Not only does the performer have to be willing to endure a lot from the other girls, it’s good when the girls know what they are doing and can handle being in such a big group.

X: Yes, they have to act like they are mean without going overboard with you.

A: Right. It is difficult sometimes with toys because they can’t feel what they are doing to you.

X: Especially when it is a wooden baseball bat!

A: Yeah, yeah. (Laughs) But it was a great time. It was cool. I watched that scene to see how it looked.

X: It looked amazing! So what is your favorite scene that you have ever done?

A: I am really proud of the scene I did with Otto in Catherine. We were in Europe and I was dressed as a queen.

X: The one on the steps?

A: Yes.

X: Was it really snowy?

A: No. That was snow machines.

X: I didn’t know if it was really freezing cold or not. It looked real.

A: I’m really proud of that. I think that movie had a lot to do with me winning female performer of the year because it showed that I had more ability then just being a gonzo girl.

X: Definitely. It was an amazing movie.

A: I guess I am proudest of that scene. But there are several times when I have gotten done with work and think wow, I am proud of that one.

X: Well that’s a nice way to feel when you are done with work, isn’t it? How many people can say that at the end of their workday?

A: Yeah. It’s a really good feeling.

X: And when you say you worked your ass off you mean it literally.

A: Yes!

X: Who are your favorite performers to work with?

A: Of course I love working with my husband. It’s so nice when you go to work and get paid to have sex with your other half.

X: That is nice.

A: It’s like you are not even going to work. I like working with Alec Knight. He is married to Mika Tan. I like that they are another married couple. I haven’t gotten to do too many girl/girl scenes because I do anal and that doesn’t get me booked for a lot of girl/girl scenes. I like Tory Lane. I did a scene with her, Otto, and Sasha. That was fun. Tory was over the top and crazy with her energy like me.

X: I think you would do an amazing scene with Belladonna.

A: I wanted to work with Belladonna for so long but because of different contracts we have never been able to have it work out. I am still going to work with Belladonna. It just has to be the right timing. Before I was even in porn I looked up to Belladonna. I saw her put a baseball bat up her ass and I was like, oh that’s what you have to do to be in porno.

X: And then you did it! I’d also like to see you with Kylie Ireland because she is so dominant, and another redhead.

A: I would love to do a scene with her. I met her once. There are a lot of really pretty girls in this industry and plenty I would love to work with. I’ve been working with Melissa Lauren more than any other girl and we have good chemistry together.

X: I also have to tell you that you have beautiful hair. I know there are a lot of redhead fans out there. How often did you hate your hair when you were growing up?

A: Oh my goodness. Constantly. My Mom didn’t know how to deal with such curly hair.

X: Are your Mom and Dad redheads?

A: No, neither. Usually, redheads skip generations. The only other redhead in my family is my cousin who is a boy. It’s hard enough growing up being a red-headed girl. I think boys have it worse.

X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy, or have you done them all?

A: Well one is Belladonna. (Laughs)

X: I’m hoping to see her next weekend. I’ll mention this conversation. The last count I saw of your movies was 186. Have you gone way beyond that?

A: I don’t know the number anymore. But probably past 200.

X: Do you have a message for your fans?

A: Thank you very much for watching and keeping me in your sweet dreams and may I always be there!

X: You are certainly in mine!


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